Sep 5, 2019: Waterdeep

Games Night!

Whoop whoop!

After a less than brilliant start to the evening, which we do not need to dwell on in any way, shape or form. we dived into the main event – a playthrough of Lords Of Waterdeep.

We were a couple of members down this week (which is what led to the less than brilliant start to the evening) but it was really nice to sit and play a “proper” board game for a bit.

Rather than read the rules, Nik opted to learn by doing. No-one anticipated he’d learn as well as he did, though, as he really seemed to get into his stride as I maintained my usual last position as the score tracker was updated with each move.

For those unfamiliat with Lords Of Waterdeep, it’s a worker placement game in which you get resources (adventurers and money) to fulfil quests to get points and not come last. You have four types of adventurers to collect and each quest needs varying numbers of each type – the more a quest needs the higher the score.

When we – Carole and I – played it at home, I racked up a few high scoring quests and lost to Carole’s technique of just banging easier, low point quests in, all through the game. This time, a similar thing happened except I got one high point quest and it was a shitter to complete. Five purple. Five. There is one place at the beginning of the game you can get purple. And you get one if you go there. I needed five. At that rate, I needed five rounds to complete it.

And there were not five rounds left. I managed it with a clever building purchase and a fluke, but bloody hell it was tough going. And then I felt like a genius by playing a card allowing me to discard a quest to gain six points – I got rid of a 4 pointer so made a profit. Except the rest of the card let other players discard a quest too, for points.

I finished second in the end.

Not last.

I am amazed by that. Although upset that I only beat Nik by like 8 points and he’d forgotten about the bonus points he’d get from his Lord until about round four… I think I need to play more games having no bloody clue whatsoever and see how it works for me!

Carole won, again, by having done so many bloody quests. So many.

We also took Corinth for a spin. Nik, again, opting to learn how to play on the fly. He learns too quickly, like a velociraptor at a fence. He picked it up and was running with it much to our annoyance.

He bloody won as well, getting bonuses for stuff he didn’t even really ask about until half way through the game. I managed a second again, even though I genuinely thought I had a decent strategy going on.

But hey, at least I did alright this week. Not last is a definite improvement. Maybe we should play as a three more often…