Sep 6, 2019: Paint

I am, currently, a man at war.

At war with door frames and doors.

We’re giving the house a much-needed touch-up – because Carole’s due to start her OU course quite soon, so naturally the need to busy yourself with other stuff is strong – but as you know the vagaries of the house are many. Walls are uneven, for example, which makes it hard to do wallpaper. Many of the walls with external corners – i.e. a corner which comes out into the room – don’t even have corners. They have a rounded edge which is an absolute ball-ache when it comes to papering, or any kind of hard border (to keep things current and political).

There’s some work we need to do on the hallway wallpaper – some of it has come loose at the seams, most probably due to the steam from the shower or shoddy pastemanship when we did it. And one piece (on a “corner”, obviously) needs replacing because of Peppa. It sounds easy in principle.

So expect copious amounts of swearing.

Yesterday there was lots of swearing as I struggled to get paint onto a door frame.

I can’t even count how many times I dropped the brush, or fumbled it, only to catch it by the bristle end. Or when I dropped it onto the cardboard under the door that I had just sanded the filler off and it picked up all the dust. Or when it just randomly got some fluff from somewhere that I still don’t understand and transferred that to the surface of the wood.


Still it’s nearly over.

We just have one door to strip in its entirety and then use upwards of a billion pounds (both value and volume) to fill all the gaping cracks and holes in the door. And then it’s done.

Until we get round to stripping the bedroom, including the wallpapered ceiling (woodchip, fricking awesome) and dealing with that.

But that won’t be until Carole’s first bit of coursework is due in, so we’ll have a couple of months at least…