Sep 7, 2019: Villaging

Another day, another chapter of the Charterstone story.

This one did not pass without incident as we did a couple of things wrong which didn’t affect the game – or the way we would have played it particularly – but did probably bring us to an end of game sooner than if we’d done it properly. It was nothing that we couldn’t quickly house rule and rectify and agree never to do again, so it didn’t harm the playing process at all – and that’s the way to do these things, I think.

But, again, Carole won. And it had nothing to do with our mistakes and everything to do with her being bloody shrewd at what she does. But that’s three games she’s won now. We only have nine left. I’ve got to get on the board somewhere along the line, otherwise she’s banking endgame victory points like they’re going out fashion.

What’s even worse, though, is that I won as far as the game’s particular objective went. I claimed my glory point with my head held high and a spring in my step. I loved it. I was just twenty-odd points off her position, which was gutting because I really thought I’d got a decent plan and was running with it well.

In hindsight – and she’ll read this so I’ll have to be vague – there were a couple of things I should have done but didn’t. And there are a few things I did that I shouldn’t.

I don’t think there’s going to be a 12-0 whitewash in this game – and if there is that’s even more reason to get another copy and run the whole damn campaign with the other guys at game night (I mean, there’s already quite a strong urge to do that anyway) – but I really need to start out playing her in the next few games.

I think I have an opportunity to do that in the next chapter, although it has a temporary rule to play a shorter than normal game, so I have less turns to do what I want to do… but I have a bit of a plan. Although it depends on how things come to the table… and now I’ve said it I’ve absolutely jinxed it for me and the whole of the Sconebread family.