Sep 8, 2019: Charter

We snuck in game 4 of Charterstone this morning, in and amongst Carole’s busy day prepping for her trip to Lisbon and baking biscuits for the office.

Needless to say I, again, did not win. I didn’t even really come close to getting where I needed to be, although I did determine to give Carole as good a run for her money as was humanly possible.

Except, she’s currently enjoying a run – across a lot of games – where she gets cards which allow her to get bonus points for doing things that are part of the natural game mechanic. She did it playing Waterdeep on Thursday, and she’s been well away with it throughout her entire Charterstone career to date.

It’s bloody annoying, to be fair. You spend a few turns getting into a position to get five points on the board and in those same turns, she’s racked up double that just putting her people down because of her over-powered cards. That she always find and no-one else gets a look in with.

It’s not cheating. But it should be.

It’s quite funny, though, that we’re only four games into Charterstone and we’re already looking at getting the Recharge kit so that we can play again (and run all the inactive players using the Automa system so we’re up against NPCs as well as each other) and talking about running it in on game nights as well to see what it’s like when five crazy human minds go for it.

I mean, I’m just going to keep playing it – in whatever form – until I bloody well win a round. It’s doing my head in. I’ve got to win something, somewhere along the line.

I have to.

I must.

I possibly will.

I won’t, will I?