Sep 9, 2019: Drink

It scares me – worries me, troubles me – how much emphasis is put on novelty ways to stop drinking.

And then the people that take part in these, essentially, “look at me” stunts go on and on about how hard it is to make it through – say – dry January and then post a picture across all their social medias of lots and lots of drink at the stroke of midnight on the 1st of February because they’ve got a whole month to make up for.

Yesterday I heard an advert on the radio for the latest bit of drink-free nonsense.

No alco-holidays.


That’s a thing now.

You go on holiday. And you don’t drink. Oh my god, how will you even cope with your holiday? How are you supposed to enjoy yourself if you can’t get into a stupor every night.

The advert says power walking. So maybe that idea’s not 100% a winner yet.

This might just come from my jaded world view because I can take it or leave it when it comes to drink. I don’t need it to have fun. But occasionally it’s nice to partake. But equally, I can not partake and don’t feel the need to bore everyone I know with the fact that I am not drinking.

Especially on an alcoholiday.

Honestly, I bet whoever came up with the gem was held aloft among his peers and then, ironically, taken for a celebratory drink.