Sep 16, 2019: Monday

I woke up this morning earlier than I wanted to. I tried to go back to sleep but, alas, I couldn’t.

I was awake, in part, because Carole was pacing the house trying desperately to psych herself up for going to the dentist. Something which she hates, even though she has found a dentist who doesn’t endanger her in any way, shape or form. And does all his work via a long stick as he stands in another room.

I then couldn’t get back to sleep because Carole received a phone call from said dentists cancelling her appointment and she was running round the house shouting “Yes!” like she’d won a 1980’s television game show.

That’s the difference between us – when my dentist appointments get cancelled which, let’s face it, they always do it annoys the buggery out of me and I don’t make another one for ages because what’s even the point? Whereas Carole celebrates with cake and balloons and immediately makes another appointment right there and then.

For someone who dislikes the dentist, she has a very proactive stance where new appointments are concerned.

So I ended up getting up, and finding myself in the kitchen making both a chilli and a loaf of bread. Because two things at once is super fun. And to add an even more danger, I decided to try a new method of bread baking which I had not tried before and was, essentially, making up on the fly.

This is what early – okay, earlier than planned – mornings do to me. I find myself doing things later morning me would say “no” to. It’s a good thing, I suppose. But it’s also a terrible thing because now I’m in the kitchen trying to make bread while also making chilli and hoping none of the ingredients cross-contaminate.

Oh, and I have to make the chilli so that it carries almost no kick as otherwise Carole will start coughing like she’s been poisoned.

It is all go!

And in the middle of all that a guy comes to the door and knocks in some sort of tuneful rhythm. I go to answer, he knocks again. And as I open the door he apologises for knocking again because he was in a dream world.

Or, conversely, because he heard me say “Enough with the smart-arsed knocking, already…”

He was sent away quite swiftly after that.