Sep 17, 2019: Grass

As part of Operation Do A Little Bit Of Stuff Every Day, a name which I have attached to the act of spontaneously doing little odds and sods around the house, I took to the front garden for a bit of fresh air this afternoon.

The area where the privacy bush (god rest it’s branches) used to live has been left to run rampant since we removed that wooden nemesis and run it has. Aside from being, previously, a thriving cat lavatory it’s been an area in which plants have just spread. And when I say plants I mean weeds. Probably. I don’t know. They might have been something Carole planted. I have no idea.

They’re most definitely not there now, though.

I hoe’d them out of existence this afternoon as part of a cunning plan to get that front bed sorted into the gravelled, pot displaying, masterpiece it is going to be. Probably.

My plans weren’t fully thought out, though, so I’ve literally just removed the plants. I still need to find the weed suppression liner which is somewhere in the shed and that wasn’t really an option this afternoon because it felt like it was going from “do a little bit of stuff” to “committing to doing quite a bit of stuff” and I’m finding the spontaneity of the whole affair to be much more fun.

Also, annoying next door yoof and his mate were on the back doorstep smoking pot and I was getting a headache just being in the same county as them. So I gave that bit of it a miss. I’ll have a look for the liner tomorrow, that’s the plan as it stands at the moment.

But my favourite moment as I cleared this area was that I discovered, amongst the foliage, a treasure.

A Charmander.

An actual Charmander.


But still, a Charmander.

In the long grass.

Which is exactly where video games have told me they’d be.