Sep 18, 2019: Five

Another round of Charterstone, and this time…

… well, no, I didn’t get to colour in won of the victorious little cups on my Charter Chest. I just get to increase my capacity for stuff that I never have to carry over to the next game by one.

I am never going to win this game.

At all. Ever.

Not during the campaign, or when we just play it recreationally.

Or when we play the campaign again – because we will – even when we know what’s coming up. Never going to win. At all.

I don’t know what I can do.

There was a moment, however brief, where I was in the lead. But then that lead vanished, and Carole was ten or so points in the lead and this was without using her bullshit card where any action she takes just magically gives her points. She can find one of those cards in ANY game. At all. Ever. Even if there’s not one there, she’ll find one and be all over it.

So I lost again.

But I bloody love it. It’s such a lovely game to play. It’s happy, and fun and colourful and it makes you feel like you have an amazing strategy that utilises every resource on the board and not just coal, which you then turn into ghosts, every time.

And you still lose.

And you still want to play it. Again. And again. And again.

I want to start it from the beginning and play it through with the other characters acting automatically – there are cards for that. Because I think a six “player” game will be ace. But I also don’t want to because I know, in my heart of hearts that losing to one human and four AI players will just destroy me.

And it will happen.

Probably at least twelve times.