Sep 22, 2019: Draw

Game six of Charterstone has been played.

We can’t believe we’re six games into it already. At the start, twelve chapters seemed a long way off. But here we are, six games into it and still loving it.

And, for me, actually scraping a win. For the first time in six games, I actually had the most points.

Except I didn’t.

It was a bloody draw.

I can’t even win properly. I have to come joint first. I mean, come on universe. What do I need to do? I had strong tactics, a plan, a goal. I had it all. And it was for nothing. Well, not nothing. I mean, I got to colour a cup in. But it could have been so much more. More points. More things done. It could have been amazing.

As it is, it ended with me – as the weakest performing player – being penalised, sort of, and also rewarded, sort of, with a twist from a card and a thing from a box.

That’s the thing with Charterstone. You never really know what you’re going to get. I mean, sure, we are absolutely going to play through all of this again at some point and so we’ll know that this particular thing happens – and so can probably better prepare for it – but really it’s all down to what you choose to do at any given time.

Which, in my case, is lose and then end up in the trange situation we find ourselves in. Or I find myself in, I should say.

I dread to think what’s coming next time. Hopefully, if I can play it right, a decent resolution to my new-found predicament. And maybe some more points. Maybe even a win, all on my own.

But probably not.