Sep 23, 2019: Tooth

I’m supposed to be going to the dentist for a check-up tomorrow.

I say supposed because, and this will be a shock to everyone, my appointment has been cancelled.

I have lost count of the number of appointments that have been cancelled over just the last few years. It’s a ridiculous number. The amount of times I had to rebook to have those teeth extracted – the notorious “you’re just having a filling” incident.

And now this.

I was originally booked in in May. It’s September now. And I’ve still not been seen.

If I was to not turn up for an appointment, I’d be fined some ridiculous amount for the fact that they didn’t have a paying customer in that slot. If I repeatedly did it, I’d be struck off their books and have to find a new dentist.

But when it’s the other way round, different rules apply. They can cancel on their end as and when they like.

What makes this one more fun is that they sent a letter about two weeks ago saying that “due to unforeseen circumstances” my appointment needed to be cancelled.

How can you have unforeseen circumstances two weeks prior to an appointment. I assume it boils down to long term sickness, some sort of other absence or that my dentist – like all the others before her – has just left.

I’m not rushing to make a new appointment. What’s the point? It won’t happen anyway.

But if there’s turns out to be something wrong with a tooth which, say, would have been a lesser issue four months ago – for argument’s sake – is that my fault or theirs?