Sep 25 2019: Seven

Game Seven of Charterstone has been and gone.

It was notable for two things.

The first being that while I didn’t win, I did achieve my secondary goal which was to undo the badness that happened to me last time. And when I say I didn’t win, I mean there were about five points between us and we racked up over 100 points each, which we have never done before. So that was pretty bloody good, I think.

The second is that Carole is definitely skilled at finding game-breaking mechanics. Okay, maybe not breaking. But definitely exploitative, and things which harvest points in an absolutely ridiculous way, all the time.

I know we have joked about it before, but it’s like she has a gift when it comes to just unleashing card after card that allows her to add points if someone breathes or something just makes a move. She’s a bugger for getting cards that allow her to get points if she gets a certain thing, or if she uses a certain resource.

I don’t know how she does it.

We’re taking Betrayal Legacy to games night tomorrow, to start the campaign there and I’m already racking my brains and thinking about what I know of the game to see if she’s going to just fall onto cards that will give her that sort of advantage over the rest of us. I don’t think there’s anything, as it’s not a points-based victory system, but I’m sure if there is anything in the game that can be manipulated to give her the upper hand she’ll be all over it.

At the moment, back in Charterstone, she’s harvesting points if she goes anywhere near coal, or if she has a couple of ghosts on her team, or if she moves anything, or goes anywhere.

It’s exhausting!

Although I have something up my sleeve which means I can get on that particular rung of the score ladder, as well. So hopefully I’ll be able to give her a run for her money…

… but then, she’ll probably find a card which allows her to get any of the points her opponent is getting.

That sounds about right.