Sep 26, 2019: Betrayed

Thursday night is games night.

It’s been quite a few weeks since our last, eventful, games night in which we inherited a joyless pedant and I stormed out in a huff.

But tonight things were back to normal. The five of us gathered around the table and Betrayal Legacy was unleashed.

I have been looking forward to playing this with everyone for a while, since we floated the idea of playing Legacy games in and amongst our regular nonsense. And so once we got the nod on it, I acquired it and have had it sitting ready for a couple of weeks – all the bits popped out and ready, all the cards unwrapped, pens chucked in the box.

But I was nervous about it as well. We can have some – I don’t know – issues in the group when it comes to taking in rules, instructions, and just generally not piss-arsing about and actually playing a game.

And it did start of badly – I wanted it to be awesome, but there were a few issues with the whole Legacy side of it. I don’t know how many times I explained the concept of you playing a family through 350 years of a house’s history. But I did it a lot. There was sulking, because a Friend’s reference wouldn’t work in a Legacy setting. But, eventually, we got everyone on board.

And then we played the prologue. And it started off slow and reserved. And then it started to gel. People started to get it. And it was all good. Nik had played the original Betrayal At House On The Hill which is what this is the prequel, of sorts, to. So he knew the house, and understood the setting. But he didn’t realise quite how it would all work.

I think it’s fair to say he was hooked.

They all were.

And when the haunt started, and there was a traitor in our midst, the accusations flew thick and fast. As did the fists of everyone as we fought to the death. The ferocity with which we all turned on each other was scary. But brilliant. That was how I knew I had them. That was how I knew I managed to get them on board the train for insanity with stops at murder and mayhem. The way they took to the first game was a joy.

Sadly, we decided before the Legacy stuff came to the table that we’d only play it once a month, to allow other games to be played and because no-one would want to to be playing the same game week in and week out.

We nearly played the next game there and then.

But we made the rules for a reason. Once a month. We agreed.

We’re playing it next week. All being well, and if everyone is present.

Can’t wait.