Sep 27, 2019: Killjoys

Five years ago I started on a televisual journey. When I started I didn’t realise I was in it for a five-year experience, but I’m glad I was.

Killjoys started out as a space bounty hunter tongue-in-cheek kind of show. Almost like a Western in some ways, with the Killjoys as the bounty hunters scouring the galaxy for the worst of the worst. With probably the best spaceship in the universe – no-one messes with Lucy.

The first series was fun, and there was a story arc but surely it all resolved at the end, right. I mean Dutch, Johnny and D’Av sorted everything out but… huh? Where’s D’Av?

And lo, the fun villain of the week show became something bigger. And better and… roll on Season 2. Then 3. And 4. And, finally, 5. Fifty episodes of television that didn’t outstay its welcome, always kicked ass and made it fun to say “shit-sticks.”

I got into a weird binge system with Killjoys. I’d be excited it was back, watch the first one and then wait ages and watch another, only to then binge the lot and kick myself for not watching them all sooner. I did it for every season apart from the first. I don’t know why I did. Maybe because I knew the binging was goood…

We’ve known Season 5 was the last for a while. Season 5 has been brilliant. Almost in a “hey, this is our final season, we’re gonna mess about” kind of way. But then, they messed around in previous seasons too, Johnny’s laser finger – when he’s proudly boasting about being cybernetically enhanced – is one of my favourite story segments, it’s just a shame he never got to keep it. This season Lucy died. The ship died. And it was sad, because Lucy is a sexy ship. Then something magical happened and they made it like a 1960’s sitcom, and it was brilliant. And Fancy, an arsehole four four seasons, turns out to not be an arsehole in the slightest. Everything has been brilliant.

I watched the last episode today. The threat to the entire universe was dealt with pretty quickly, all-in-all, but then what else would you expect from Team Awesome Force? They get shit done. They’ve saved the galaxy for at least four seasons, upping it to the universe isn’t too much of a stretch.

And happy endings abounded. Even Zef, and who fricking saw that coming? Because Zef, the best fake little sister anyone could have, deserved a happy ending probably more than any of the others, in my humble opinion (and, lets face it, it was always going to end well for the main threesome).

I think Dutch said it best, though, bursting onto an alien planet to blast some hatchlings, with a sort of self-referential line the likes of which you find David Tennant saying, pre-regeneration…

“I’m going to miss this…”