Sep 29, 2019: Coat

Sometimes it dawns on me that I have set myself very strange goals. Just random things that have no great consequence but are something to work towards.

This morning, for example, I was determined to have made (by which I mean started cooking) the meat sauce part of a lasagne before I had to leave for work despite the fact that most of the ingredients for it wouldn’t arrive until about an hour and a half before I needed to go and that time also saw me needing to have a shower, wash up the stuff I’d used and take the bin round.

Smashed it, though. If we’re keeping score of these things. I think a lasagne recipe that you really like and know works really well if you cook it in a pan on the stove is exactly the sort of thing you should throw caution to the wind with and throw in a slow cooker so it can bubble away while you’re at work.

In all honesty, it smells delicious and it removed any of the frustration of it sticking to the bottom of the pan. So that’s a win. The fact that it won’t cool until the turn of the next millennium is just something I’ll have to deal with before I can go to bed…

But my current random goal is to make it to the end of September without wearing a coat.

It was, earlier this month, quite easy to do this as the weather had taken to being unseasonably warm. But this last week or so is really testing my resolve. Heavy rain, and it’s a bit on the nippy side too. It’s all there to make it trickier to make it to October coat free.

I don’t even know why I have this goal. I think I had it last year as well, because the ravages of global warming are making September a much more pleasant month than Septembers of old, I guess. And so it’s just evolved.

I just have to make it to the end of tomorrow to meet my challenge and reward myself with the pride of a job well done and then it’s over. Even though it really means nothing and could be over at any time and it’s the most random thing I have going on at the moment…

And I think I’ll make it. As it stands at the moment I have no reason to even set foot outside tomorrow, and who wears a jacket round the house?


It’s the little things…