Oct 2, 2019: Feed

For a few days, Peppa has been somewhat out of sorts. Normally happy to bugger off upstairs and lie on the bed, living the life of Riley she has, instead, been hanging around and generally being a nuisance.

More so than normal.

When I’ve been on the computer she’s sat between me and the keyboard and attacked – gently, but still – every move I’ve made. She’s done the same to Carole as well. She has been a proper madam, to put it bluntly.

But we think we’ve figured it out.

Due to a series of events involving long working hours, half marathons and terrible planning, we ran out of Peppa’s cat food. Her nice and expensive cat food that she took a shine to when she started tucking in to Pumpkin’s medicinal cat food some years ago. Because of course she did. Until then it had been Whiska’s biscuits all the way and just crack on with it, but once the taste for the expensive scientifically balanced stuff was acquired there’s no looking back.

And we ran out of it.

So we’ve been feeding her some Go Kat. Or Go Cat. Or whatever. It’s the emergency fallback food. She’s had it before. She liked it.

She had it the last few days. She does not like it. At all.

So she’s been making us suffer while she suffers. She’s basically been saying, “You want to do stuff? Well, tough! I’m huuuuuungry, and I am going to make you suffer!”

I bought her affections this morning with half a tin of tuna, but when Carole got home this evening – having forgotten to get the cat food – Peppa has guilted her in to going out again and buying some.

The cat is manipulating us in ways we are only just starting to understand.

I imagine, if she were a dog, she would have followed us around with her food bowl and slammed it down in front of us any time we stopped moving. I’m surprised she didn’t just upend her bowl and get rid of all the Go Kat Go Cat stuff in a “whoops, clumsy me” kind of way. But then maybe she reasoned if she did that we’d just give her more. And more would be even more offensive that the bit we had given her – which, incidentally, she had worked her way through and taken every nugget of the expensive food out of, even the corners of the kibble which she tends to just leave in the bowl for some reason.

She’s too clever for her own good. Like a raptor in Jurassic Park.

Just testing the fences…