Oct 3, 2019: Traitor

Mark your calendars folks, for wonderful, wonderful things happened tonight.

It is Thursday, so it is of course, games night. And that means Betrayal Legacy. It was only ever the plan to play Chapter One, after last week’s prologue but we ended up rushing through Chapter Two as well – maybe rushing a little bit too much, so we’ll downsize it to just one Chapter a week from now on as things are only going to get more complicated.

But… Chapter One was my chapter. Oh how it was. I got to be the Traitor, for starters. Something which I didn’t expect to happen at all because, you know, I suck when it comes to any sort of ability to get lucky in games. And not only was I the traitor, but I killed every single person on the board. So I was victorious as well.

And, to ramp up the tension, only just victorious.

I was literally one fight, or self-harm incident, from death. It could have gone either way, but I was despatching people left, right and centre with my found weapon of extreme sexiness. I was unstoppable.

And then that game ended and we played Chapter Two, and the haunt triggered really early and I found myself in a terrible, terrible position and then forgot about using the ability that being the owner of the house gives you and… well, died.

So I went from being a rage-filled killer, to just dying. In a heap. In a field. Outside the house that I once owned – although “owned” is a strong word, “stole from the hands of someone I killed” may be more appropriate.

What makes it worse, so very much worse is that I was the only one to die in Chapter Two. The only one. Because of one bad move. I was trying to be brave. I had a plan. I was going to do what needed to be done. I was going to be the hero that particular haunt needed. Instead, I found myself neck deep in freaky cultists and a traitor who just wouldn’t die.

And I did some shocking dice rolls. Absolutely terrible, they were.

And I died.

But I still one that one game. And I got a stricker on a thing to prove it.

And I have been busily heirlooming any weapon I come across in my path through the game so that I can wield untold damage in later games.


I just really want another sticker on the card.

It’s not too much to ask, is it? I’ve done it once…