Oct 6, 2019: Cough

I’m dying, clearly.

I’m not, obviously, but I am ill so woe is me and all that jazz. Especially because it’s the worst of all the ills – the annoying cough,that is possibly a chest infection, which comes in small bursts and keeps you awake all night.

Or not quite awake all night. You are allowed slumber, it’s just interupted – frequently – by one cough which doesn’t shift anything from your throat or inprove your outlook on life, it just wakes you up. And then you slumber ‘til the next one until they culminate in a bigger cough around 4am which sees you consider getting up because “what’s the point?”

I think this is night three or four of interupted sleep and early bed times. I’m considering, for tonight, sleeping downstairs sitting up just to see if the cough settles differently and if I can manage to make it through the night. I can’t do that upstairs as our bedhead is not conducive to vertical snoozing.

Really, though, I just want it to bugger off. I don’t have the time or patience for this. There’s stuff I want to get on with that I can’t because I can’t go five minutes without having to do a crappy little cough.