Oct 7, 2019: Couch

Another night of ridiculous amounts of coughing and minimal amounts of sleeping.

I’ve had better nights sleep when there have been more symptoms of illness going on! Whether it’s sweating, runny nose or whatever, I’ve slept for longer and better than having to seemingly wake up every half hour or so to cough for no discernible reason other than an annoying tickle which won’t go away.

I tried sleeping sitting up last night. It really doesn’t work in bed, for whatever reason. I went from sitting to almost lying down in no time, and yet with not perception of movement. I don’t know how that happened. I assume – I mean, it’s the only explanation – is that at night I become an entirely frictionless being and just slide down the bed. It must be that.

Entirely frictionless, of course, apart from the top of my throat which is wall-to-wall friction and annoyance.

It’s such a crap illness as well.

I don’t even have the luxury of saying I feel like crap or anything, I can just go along quite happily and then start coughing until I sound a little like Wheezy from Toy Story 2. My squeaker has gone, is what I’m saying.

I think I might attempt to sleep sitting up down here tonight, just to see if that makes any difference. Not that sitting up stops me from coughing during the day, but I imagine it will change the way stuff settles on my chest.

And I am all for it apart from the fact that I bloody love a good lie down.

There’s something really nice about snuggling down in bed. And there’s something definitely not nice about falling asleep sitting up in a chair like a resident of a retirement home after a particularly hearty bowl of tapioca.

Not to mention the fact that it’s a faff to drag the duvet up and down the stairs. Not so much down, but if I decide that bed is the way forward in the middle of the night I have to manhandle it up the stairs without putting the lights on and under stealth conditions so as not to wake my beloved.

My beloved who has, of course, forsaken any use of our bed while I am this disruptive. Because what’s love if not pissing off and looking after your own sleep patterns when a loved one is ill?

Also, one of the other factors putting me off the whole sleeping down here thing is that it’s October and therefore cold at night. And, again, there’s something much cosier about being snuggled down that sitting up.

It’s a tricky call – comfort over discomfort, warm and snuggly over less warm and less snuggly, hacking up a lung constantly over hacking up a lung periodically.

Basically do I want to moan about being awake through the night more because of the coughing or being I was sitting on the couch…