Oct 8, 2019: Fraud

My weekend-discovered fraud is almost over and done with.

I received my new bank card in the post today, and I’ve been refunded for 99% of everything that was taken from my account. There are still a couple of pending transactions which cannot be refunded until they have been debited, so until then we’re just kind of waiting around to close this all off.

But it’s pretty much all dealt with. I can rest easy, as I knew I could once it had been identified anyway. But now with an actual working bank card. So that’s good. I’ve moved money around so that should anyone fraudulate my account again, they’ll be rapidly disappointed. They might not even be able to stretch to two bunches of flowers the next time.

But the real human cost of fraud has just started to hit home.

The time-consuming, soul-destroying impact is just starting to be felt.

I have to update my card details in a variety of different places.

I’ve tried to think of what I need to do, and I can only come up with five different companies. Which doesn’t seem enough – I’m sure my old card details are scattered to the winds of the internet, which is – of course – how they ended up in the hands of a scrote in London. But five companies doesn’t seem like a lot. For quite some time it was just four, until I thought of another.

I say at work with a piece of paper writing down the names of places that need to have my card details in order for me to use their services. I was thinking, and tapping my pen against my teeth and just staring at the ceiling – utilising all my remembered exam techniques for recall – and it’s still just five things.

But that’s it, I guess. My life in a nutshell, based on a few transactions which were mine and a handful of companies that I need to tell about my new details.

I guess I’ll just sit, once I’ve dealt with the ones I know of, and see who gets in touch to tell me they’ve not been paid. To see who emails, out of the blue, to tell me that a payment has failed – and that I won’t believe anyway.

To see what things I should get that I don’t get anymore.

And then see if I even noticed not having them in the first place.

Which, given that I can’t think of any, I think will be a resounding no.