Oct 10, 2019: Third

The third chapter of Betrayal Legacy unfolded before our eyes tonight.

And, were it not for the helpful addition of a new mechanic allowing us to reroll the dice for what appears to be just the price of a family crest sticker – and probably our own mortality later on in the game – we managed to delay the haunt long enough to explore the house and grounds a little bit before it kicked in.

We seem to be very good – like, ridiculously good – at making the unlucky dice rolls. Oh we need to roll three dice and get less than five (each dice has a blanks, ones and twos)? That should NOT be a problem. Everything will be fine.



It’s the mother-flipping haunt.

Re-roll and it’s not.

Not that it would have mattered in then greater scheme of things. I made some rookie mistakes in our handling of the haunt in this game. I focused on one aspect of it when actually we should have divided and very much conquered. But instead we lost to a doll filled with evil which buried down under the house and now lives in the soil somewhere. I’m sure that won’t be any sort of an issue and definitely won’t come back to bite us in the ass at any point during the game.

Oh no, wait, this is Betrayal Legacy. Of course we’ll be well and truly screwed over by the buried demonic doll.

I managed an amazing roll which, on the face of it, looked like it would be alright. You know, I encountered a forest denizen. I rolled the dice, I did what it said. I rolled really well. Way up the charts. You know, the good end where happy positive things happen.

The passage I then had to read included the phrase “melted flesh” and I did not come out of it very well at all.

And then, like I say, I led my team – because I feel I am the team leader when I’m not a traitor leading everyone to their deaths (just that one time, so far) – down the wrong path this evening. That’s on me. I mean, we’re all still alive. That’s a win. Just not a great one in the scheme of things – the scheme of those things being very much the evil ones.

And then we had to destroy an actual game tile – not just a card – which still feels wrong, even this far down the rabbit hole of writing on stuff and tearing things up left, right and centre. I have half of the tile on the table as I write this as a reminder of our failure. We must be better. Unless I am the traitor next time, in which case everyone must die.

I dread to think what the next chapter has in store.

But it’ll be a couple of weeks before we find out. Stupid other things getting in the way of our horror house.