Oct 12, 2019: Baize

Now we know when the gaming table is being delivered.

It’s coming on a Saturday morning between 8am and 10am. Which means two things:

  1. We should start getting used to using coasters, like sophisticated people. And not just pop drinks down willy-nilly like heathens. We have a few weeks to mend our ways, but every day we don’t do it is a day wasted.
  2.  I should absolutely book the day off work and Carole should clear anything she has planned so we can just play games all day and roll dice around the nice, sexy baize inlay.

I already know how big the table is going to be, and how big our existing table is currently. I know these things, so in my mind I can slide the boards across from one – the current, existing, cramped version – to the other – the space and sexiness of the new table. But that needs to be done for every game, I think.

A game of Quirkle, say, where we don’t have to build off the side of the table onto something that can then act as table adjacent. Or a game of Charterstone where we’re not using an upturned washing basket as a side table to the table. Just games where we can lay out the components onto the table in draw piles instead of leaving them in the box because there just isn’t room or they might roll off the table.

It’s going to be heaven.

The last few weeks I’ve had a hankering to try my hand at the Fallout board game. I got it during Amazon’s Prime Day event which is months ago now and it’s not been played at all. I have popped all the parts out, and built the scoring tracks, but it has not yet been used in anger. I fancy trying it as a solo experience one day when I’m at home, and as it ways in at a hefty three hour play time (according to the box, so add on a bit for having to check the rules all the time) it’s a commitment.

But now, so close to new table time, I’m thinking I might hang back. I won’t sample it. I won’t dedicate a day to dice rolling and dodging the rad scorpions just yet. I’ll hang on. Because a new game should feel the sexy baize underneath its component parts.

And because I can just put the lid on the table if I have to break off to do other stuff. We once half-played a game of Dungeon Lords – it took us ages because, again, rules – and we ended up covering our in-progress game with a bed sheet in order to trick the cat (or cats, at the time, maybe) to not interfering with our layouts.

You know what cats love? Titting about on bed sheets, it turns out…

This new table though… the imps will be protected.

And that’s what it’s all about.

I am so excited, honestly!