Oct 13, 2019: Rooms

They say you’re never supposed to meet your heroes, and I have discovered today that the same can be applied to escape rooms that you’re very excited about.

We’ve been in the lovely city of Nottingham today to tackle five of their escape rooms with Mr & Mrs Boss.

They were all ok, but we were bookended by a couple of ones which were less fun than the others.

One of them was Carfax at Cave Escape – a game which I was giddy with excitement about doing. I’ve seen people rave about it, I’ve heard good things. And then it was a bit meh. And that’s without factoring in me having a tantrum about a puzzle which I’d worked out but no-one else was on the same page for but were happy to tell me I was wrong… I wasn’t wrong, as it turns out. But I was briefly frustrated.

I was gutted that the room, in general, wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. It didn’t live up to the experience I’d imagined in my head.

And yet their other room, Monuments – based on the story of the Monuments Men – was bloody brilliant. I fricking loved that one. And there were no tantrums throughout the whole thing. Maybe that’s why it rates so much higher for me? It’s not. Obviously. It’s because it was a lovely game which fit the setting and was very much right up my street. Oh and not that I’m blowing any trumpets in this, but we set the fastest legitimate time for the room, coming in at 42 minutes and some seconds. There are a couple of times faster than ours but they may have used cheating (ingenuity, they’ll say) over the correct method.

It’s also possible that Carfax, being our fifth room of the day, also suffered from tiredness which didn’t help the tantrum one little bit.

Earlier in the day, though, we went to Cryptology and dabbled in an explosive job interview (meh), a spot of tomb raiding – excellent stuff, and travelling through a dreamscape which involved, along the way, walking on clouds and making porridge. For real.

Again, I’m not out with the trumpets, but we were in the top 2% of all teams for all of those three games. In one of them – the first, which we disliked the most, we were in the top 1%.

We bloody rocked.

Apart from that tantrum that I threw.

For which I apologise.