Oct 14, 2019: Kickstart

I was in a position, today, where I was walking to the door wondering what the heck was going on. The postman had been earlier in the morning and knocked because he had an unbendable thing which must never, ever be bent and – for some reason – was actually obeying that instruction rather than twisting it into whatever shape he fancied and sticking it through the letterbox.

But later in the day the post van pulled up and there was a knock on the door.

And, as I do on such occasions, I walked to the door muttering about Carole ordering things and not telling me, or chastising the neighbours for having stuff delivered when they’re not in.

And it was for me.


That never happens.

It was a board game that I backed on Kickstarter ages ago on what I would like to call “a whim.” I’d backed one thing on Kickstarter before – the lovely comic book work of Rachael Smith – and I clearly had the bug and just searched for something and then went all in on a deluxe version. Because who doesn’t want a wooden first player token and some acrylic coal?

And then I forgot about it.

I periodically remembered it existed, if an email update came through to say that the bits had been made, or something had been printed, but I forgot it soon afterwards. I confirmed my deliver address months ago. A couple of weeks ago there was a message to say the games were in the UK and it would just be a matter of time.

And then I forgot it again.

But it’s here now and it’s lovely. I’ve opened it and had a look. And that’s as far as I’ve gone.

It’s another game I’m in two minds about. It can be played as a single player experience, so I am thinking about taking it for a spin while Carole’s at work, to get to grips with the mechanics and what-have-you so that we could play it in the evening (although, if we play in an evening it should be Charterstone because it’s been ages…). But I am also thinking I should hold on a couple of weeks and play it on the new table. After all, does a deluxe version – not available in shops – of a game deserve to be played on a lowly, used table. It should be savoured and treated to Royal Blue baize and (hopefully) expert craftsmanship.

But it’s a long time to wait until the 9th of November. And my gaming fingers are getting itchy…

… as is my Kickstarter finger, as well. I feel I should hop online and see what other treasures I can find out there. If only because it’s ridiculously nice getting post that you’ve pretty much forgotten all about!