Oct 16, 2019: Watched

Big Brother’s got a little bit out of control, I think. Just bordering on the slightly stalker-ish behaviour, now.

I went to the supermarket after work today to grab a few bits and bobs for a less time sensitive and therefore stress-free tea. Carole was off to visit her sister tonight and so we weren’t really sure of timings, plus I could have been called back in to work so it was all just easier to work out a meal that didn’t involve too much faff.

Which we did.

And which I bought.

And then I left the supermarket and waited for the bus.

I got on the bus and checked my email.

I had an email from the supermarket in question – it’s Sainsbury’s, let’s be honest – which said “You missed out on Nectar Points” and then went on to tell me that they knew I had been shopping – not ten minutes before – and that I had done it all wrong because I could have optimised my Nectar points using the app beforehand and banked a load of points towards Christmas.

Which is fair enough – I could have. But I only downloaded the app yesterday, and I forgot my voucher for 1000 points so it was a failed visit points-wise anyway. I knew that.

I just didn’t like the way they emailed me almost straight away. It’s a little bit too invasive. I don’t mind them knowing my grocery preferences. I don’t mind them knowing I am a sucker for some flavoured milk or whatever.

But emailing me as soon as I’ve left the shop is a teensy bit freaky.

I mean, the next step is if I get an email when I haven’t used my Nectar card. If they just email because they can track the exact location of the card and they can tell it was at a till but wasn’t scanned. And then they email to say that ” didn’t even use my Nectar card when I purchased…” and then proceed to list off all my purchases.

I don’t think they’re too far from that line as it is.

But if they cross it… I mean, that’s pretty much some Skynet shit right there. Next thing you know it’ll be self-checkouts rolling across a desolate wasteland, crushing the skulls of humans under the tank tracks that they’ve always had but you’ve never noticed.