Oct 21, 2019: Dental

My dentist (and, actually, myDentist) continues to frustrate me with my waaaay overdue 6-monthly check-up.

Obviously, I had to cancel it and then they have cancelled it for a variety of reasons, including my favourite – the unforeseen circumstances with several weeks of lead time which, if anything, makes them very much foreseen.

And, I will admit, I do not rush to rebook because I’m generally annoyed by the whole thing.

I don’t have a lot of in the mornings, so I’m pretty much good to go at any time. But I don’t tell them that. I don’t advertise that fact. I just say that I need to have a look at what’s what and go from there. Each appointment I make is time I have to book off work. I think if I were to look into it, I must have booked off eight or nine slots for dentistry this year, and I’m not sure I’ve even been since the start of 2019. Not for lack of trying, though, eh?

So yesterday I sat down at the computer to make a booking – again, while I’m not the world’s busiest person in a morning, I can think of many, many better things to do than spend my morning on hold to the dentist trying to book an appointment. And my dentist offers online bookings.

Or it did.

I suppose it still could. But at the moment it bloody doesn’t, does it?


But it still sends out a wanky email telling me a check-up is due and that I can book online, containing a link that is around a gazillion characters long because whoever produces these mailouts doesn’t know how to hide a link behind a clickable word, or even grasp the concept of using a link shortening service.

So I click that. And what I love more than anything about this ridiculously long link is that it essentially takes you to the front page of mydentist.co.uk but it has a load of nonsense bullshit after that which does nothing. It doesn’t log you in, it doesn’t direct you to your usual practice. It’s just wanky filler that the people sending the emails don’t know what to do with.

So, I log in. I search for my practice.

It gives me ones in Bradford. Because they are the closest available ones to the postcode I have entered. Which is most definitely not a Bradford postcode.

I assume that it’s not available online because it’s recently moved and joined a few practices together and – as demonstrated by the email – they’re not super tech-savvy when it comes to stuff like this and we’ll have to wait ages for it to actually work. So I will be forced to phone one of the reception dragons for an appointment.


If that’s the case, why the frick are they sending out an email to book online.

I know, because they’re not tech savvy. But still, you’d think that if the system knows you’re due a check-up, it would know that you’re at a practice which, for whatever reason, isn’t doing online bookings at the moment. And that the email would be tweaked in some way to point this out, or address it.

Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

So instead, I have to phone for an appointment. Which means that, for however long it takes, my life will consist of exclaiming “Oh fuck, the dentist!” at around 9pm every night.