Oct 24, 2019: Pukwudgie

It’s been a couple of weeks, but it was a lovely Games Night this evening with Chapter 4 of Betrayal Legacy being brought to the table as our one, and only, game for the night.

There was a plan afoot this evening, that we would play a game of Betrayal and then disband because for a variety of reasons everyone around the table was tired or wanted to get home. Carole needed to be in bed so she can head off to Alnwick tomorrow morning at stupid o’clock. Joe and Addy were tired from work and hadn’t even eaten. Nik was tired from a games session which finished at 11.34pm yesterday. And I was fine, but if I got home earlier I could do more stuff before The Outer Worlds drops at midnight.

All good stuff.

So, naturally, this game of Betrayal was the longest we have played yet.

And, horror of horrors, it was the first one which saw someone other than Nik or myself embrace the dark side and turn traitor.

Carole was the unlucky soul destined to screw us over and this was not met with glee, it has to be said. There’s a certain pressure, I think, that befalls you when you become the traitor. Most of that is, actually, in your head – because while you’re playing against everyone you’re still playing a game together and it’s certainly no bad thing to compare rules and instructions with other players to come to a clarity that everyone is happy with.

Carole started off the haunt with no clue what to do. She was upset at even being the traitor, more so at the amount of stuff she had to read and even more so at the amount of pieces she was then in charge of.

I ended up across both teams. I was definitely on the side of good, but I knew the machinations of the side of bad as well because I was helping Carole to understand.

For a little bit, at least.

I was also trying to find myself a decent weapon to kill her with, but all I ended up with was an eyeball from a well. Which was nice. Not really a weapon, but I could – I suppose – swing it round by the optic nerve. Again, fun.

Anyway, what happened was beautiful to watch.

Carole went from nervous player, scared to mess things up, to absolute bad-ass with a plan and everything. I offered to help at one point, and she told me she was fine because she knew what she was doing.

And she did. And it was wonderful.

We were at a massive stalemate for quite some time, each side gaining and losing ground. I was mainly outside the house looking for weapons and keeping well out of it. But I got involved towards the end, as the tide looked to be turning in our favour.

We had done everything we needed to be able to kill Carole. We, all four of us, were surrounding her character. We were all trapped in the same room and it was going to end here one way or another. In a mound of bodies, a small pile of bodies or just a smoking object of power…

Carole only went and bloody won.

In our quick game of Betrayal which took us a good two hours to play through. And we tore up so many cards in the course of the game and post-game round up. So many. Legacy games are brutal!

But Carole won. Which means she owns the house now. She got to put her sticker on the house deed. She gets to have the first go.

And she gets to find out what’s written on the setup card for the next chapter immediately after the words, “The holder of the deed…”