Oct 25, 2019: Chocolate

The other night we took our new, we backed it on Kickstarter game for a spin. A trial run, if you will. One of our Thursday night gang had also got the game and played it so we knew it was good, but there was a lot going on.

There was a lot going on.

Chocolate Factory is about running a chocolate factory. A coal-powered, art Deco styled chocolate factory. You take cocoa beans, make raw chocolate and then form it, add to it and send it to the shops. Simple.

There are so many pieces. So, so many. I love pieces. Pieces are fun. I feel it’s money well spent on a game if I can drop it and spend a good ten minutes picking up the bits and re-sorting them into groups.

We gave it a run through a couple of days. We stopped on Tuesday. We got the idea, though.

For example, I know I will never be first player as that token is awarded to the player who last ate chocolate. And I live with Carole.

But as it had taken us an hour or so to set up and get through to the end of day one (including a few alternate runs) it was best to abort. Given that it was 9pm and that is at least sixty minutes past Carole’s bed time was a factor.

As was Peppa.

She appeared at the start of day 2. I don’t know if I mentioned but there are a lot of bits to this game. Colourful, small and enticingly playable bit. And a cat who, I discovered this afternoon, has been sleeping with a Lego Christmas Tree for several months now. Not sexually, just for company.

It takes a lot less time to put the game away, when faced with cat-based destruction, than it does to set it all up.

It also doesn’t fit very well on pur existing table. Thus, brilliantly, justifying our expensive and soon-to-be-delivered game table.