Oct 28, 2019: Autumnal

It’s weird, because aside from an hour nothing else has changed, but it feels a lot more autumnal/wintery now.

I don’t know if it’s the couple of crisp (which, let’s face it, is only a word we use in the winter – during spring and summer it’s just cold), bright mornings or what, but it feels good and wintery. It feels nice, and good and proper.

I’m also fairly sure that since Sunday morning all the trees have spaffed all their leaves all over the ground.

I don’t remember seeing this many leaves everywhere, and yet today it’s like I should be going down the pavement kicking them into the air and having my mum tell me to watch out for dog poo.

Except when I was younger autumn leaves were a lot crisper snd crunchier. These are all wet and not particularly kickable. But then, kids today probably have an app for leaf kicking.

I’ve not even really noticed the nights drawing in either. Yesterday both Carole and I were underwhelmed by the un-drawing-in-ness of the night.

But equally, Carole has mentioned candles.

The one downside to the autumn/winter period where our household single-handedly supports the tea light industry (scented and unscented) with our collection of glass vessels which all cast fun shadows.

And which either burn out while we’re there or I have to blow out after Carole has gone to bed and forgotten about them…

Ah autumn. We’ve missed you!