Oct 29, 2019: Nix-It

Another week, another non-Brexit.

Welcome to the United Kingdom. Which isn’t, in any way, united anymore. We’re all at each others throats. We no longer look at ourselves and others by the political party we may or may not support. It’s all about if you’re a leaver or a remainer.

And if you’re a remainer then you just moan. And if you’re a leaver you’re obnoxiously loud in shouting down anything a remainer ever says and chant “we voted leave, so leave” repeatedly. Like some sort of magic spell.

And it’s just so exhausting.

I voted remain. I’m a remainer. I moan about it all the time. It’s all I do.

Except I don’t. I marvel at the absolute bullshit and lies that fly about, particularly from the leaving side but from the remaining side as well, about how we’re going to be better or worse off after Brexit and everything else. And it’s just so exhausting.

And now we have to have another pissing election before anything can happen. Because apparently we can do that as many times as we want but we can’t have a second Brexit referendum because leave means leave, Brexit means Brexit and let’s just get on with it.

The thing is – and this isn’t my analogy by any means – is that Brexit is like going out on an office do. You arrange it, and you ask everyone in the office where they would like to go. They vote. And you go with the majority. But as time passes, you find out that where you’re going is shit, and people raise it with you. Do you have another vote because the place is shit, or do you just go to the shit place and have a shit time because the majority said so and we live in a democracy and Brexit means Brexit?

And then I started thinking that for all anyone on the remain side says they’d quite like a second referendum – because 52/48 is a slim margin and statistically not outside of a margin of error – the leave people always say that the result stands and it’s great. Brexit means Brexit.

But if they’re all so adamant that Brexit does mean Brexit, and that leaving is the right thing to do, then just go with a second referendum. You’re all saying you’ll vote the same way, so it’ll still be 52/48 and you can be happy and stop banging on about it being a “best of three” vote or whatever. Except you’re making all the noise because you know the entire leave campaign is built on shit all.

“We want our country back!” is what you hear. As though Brexit is suddenly going to fix the fact that a lot of people on job seekers are happier to remain claiming benefits than get a low paid job doing menial work because the benefits bring them more cash. Oh the Polish, for example, are coming over here and stealing our jobs. They’re not stealing them, that implies that there is some sort of contest for them. They’re just turning up and working them. Putting things in a box for a lowly sum per hour, because no-one (and I’m generalising the shit out of this) on a council estate can be arsed to get up, pull their Adidas bottoms up over their bum crack, drag themselves away from their massive TVs and do some fricking work.

We want our country back. The people saying it are, for the most part, people who were around before we joined the EU. And then the racists, and the people who believe all the stories about the EU having such a high level of control over everything we do. But these people remember a time when the UK had industry,  and businesses worked here solely, without outsourcing everything to foreign countries because it’s cheaper.

And they’re the people who up and live in Spain when they retire. They want out country back. While not living it. But curiously, happily living in someone else’s country, setting up English shops and English cafe’s to their hearts content while complaining about people doing it over here and selling Kitkats with funny names.

It’s just so bloody exhausting.