Oct 30, 2019: Talking

Apparently, this morning, I said that Carole was selfish. I don’t know I did this, because I was asleep at the time. But Carole knows I said it and, in a new ruling, things you say in your sleep are legally binding.

I found out about this because I got a random text from her after she’d left asking if I really thought she was selfish and if I did was it because of her studies? Nothing could be further from the truth – if anything Carole isn’t selfish enough, giving up her time for literally everyone else in her life and having very little to herself.

But having said that she did go to Burger King last night, without me, and without bringing back any food for me as well. So maybe she is selfish.

But if sleep-talking is, now, legally binding then Carole needs to apologise to the large number of people who she, in her sleep, taken a message from. It’s her most common sleep blurt – no-one is ever available and messages must always be left.

But I’m willing to bet not a single one has been passed on. I mean that’s some bad customer service right there. The dream boss of dream office is way too lenient.

And yet I get the grief because I was carrying a lot of pent up frustration around the lack of takeaway food…