Oct 31, 2019: Destruction

Thursday night is games night, and so another trip to the rickety, ever-changing house of Betrayal Legacy was on the (probably soon to be torn up) cards.

In out first few games, the house was nice and small. There wasn’t a lot to it, not too many rooms to play about in. But now, it’s grown and grown into something massive. And, for me, a little too massive.

I say “for me” because, joy of joys, I got to be the traitor again this week through an arbitrary random selection due to a tie in the circumstance for deciding the villain of the piece.

I didn’t really stand any chance of winning, to be honest, because the house was just too damn big. I needed it to be smaller for what I needed to do. But we try and deal with what we are given. And in this case it was a massive house and very little chance of victory. I tried, though. I tried to devour the whole house through a hell portal, but it was not to be.

The good guys – and I use that term loosely as they will all kill you as soon as look at you – had a structured plan which they actually stuck to this week. Normally the plans go to shit – but then there is that famous saying about no plan surviving its first encounter with the enemy or something, so I guess it’s to be expected. But they did really well tonight. And they managed to actually give me a slight hope of maybe pulling off the comeback of the century with some absolutely terrible dice rolls at the final, critical moment. I mean, honestly guys, how hard is it to roll a six?

I am familiar with Betrayal Legacy having faithfully watched a playthrough of it which really, really made me want to play it. And while that playthrough has some spoilers for the game – there’s a few bits I know or knew about before the fact – it’s not dampening my enjoyment of it one little bit. And even the stuff I know or knew about isn’t ruining the game because while I know, I’m not letting on and I’m just enjoying the reactions of everyone when stuff happens.

Which is, at the moment, a lot of cards being torn up.

A lot of cards.

And some tiles.

There is a lot of destruction.

The destruction has been noticed around the play area too. We were asked before we started tonight if things would be destroyed tonight, because last week we shocked the table behind us by just tearing stuff up. We tore a lot of cards up tonight. We gave a piece to the person who asked, as a memento of the destructive force of a good game.

Tonight’s shenanigans – in game, rather than in the room – have now afforded us access to a realm of unknown power.

I’m interested to see who pops in there first.

And how they fare…