Nov 3, 2019: Ryan

We were just having a casual discussion this evening about catching up on some TV shows that we’re way behind on.

We need to put in a decent amount of work to catch up on the Arrow-verse shows because we’re a couple of series behind all of them. So we were just working out how best to do it, and we decided that we’ll have to tackle it separately as we’re not together enough to watch several series of TV shows.

We agreed to it. And all was good.

And then I said that I had given up on waiting for Carole to watch Jack Ryan on Amazon. I said I could no longer wait and started to watch it the other day.

Carole asked me which season.

That threw me, I won’t lie. Season 2 is just out. But you’d only sort of know that if you had a vested interest. But then, why would you ask which season of a show if you haven’t watched it because we were going to watch it together at some point convenient to us both (so, never then judging by the things that have fallen by the wayside)?

She’s only bloody watched the first season herself.

Without me.

Months ago.

I mean, what the actual frick?

And do you know what she said?

“It’s really good.”

That’s it. No, I’m really sorry I didn’t realise we were going to try and watch it together. None of that. Just, “It’s really good.”

I was apologetically saying I’d started it without her, letting her now know because I’m only three episodes down that rabbit hole so if we were to watch together she could quickly catch up. But no. She’s seen them all.

I mean, the betrayal.

I don’t know how I feel about it. I really don’t.

Although I know that I have watched all of New Amsterdam and she’s seen none of it, which is surprising because Ryan Eggold makes her ovaries tingle. And I’m not even sorry about that. I might have been, once. But not now. Screw it. I’m not going to not watch things on the off chance it upsets Carole that we’re not watching them together ever again.

The gloves are off. Free reign has been granted.

I might binge the rest of season one of Jack Ryan and move straight into the next. Maybe just watch a few things that I know she wants to watch and mention it in a Christmas card next month.

Now I know this is the way we do things, this is the way we’re doing things.

I’ve been watching shit films on Netflix – Colossal and Hunter Killer to name but two –  rather than binge a series.

But no more, Carole Shaw.

No more.