Nov 6, 2019: Now

Amazon Prime Now is a curious beastie.

You can have things delivered in a two hour window, to your home. Just like that. That sort of thing would be rife for abuse.

Obviously to discourage abusing the system, there are spending limits you have to hit. Otherwise it’d be a way to have chocolate delivered to your house whenever you fancy. Whereas with the limits you have to put some work in.

Prime Now, at least here, is a random mix of stuff from Morrisons and stuff from Amazon. But, importantly, not the full range from either of then.

The groceries, for example, will offer you new potatoes in a tin but not fresh new potatoes. It’s fun to play with the search to see what you can’t have. Semolina’s a no-no as I discovered today – I needed to tip the balance on a delivery charge and semolina is a missing ingredient in something i fancy making. But it was not to be today.

I tend to use the Amazon Now for stuff shopping around and getting lower prices if I can. I keep an eye in it for washing pods because I refuse to pay extortionate full prices if I can find it cheaper in one of four or five different places.

I used it today to get a preposterously packed set of electric toothbrush heads and some filters for Peppa’s drinking fountain. But I’ve bulk bought coffee pods and all sorts through it.

And I always try to make it interesting. Today was toothbrush heads, cat filters and a dozen eggs because why the heck not?

I like to think the packers are bemusedly trying to work out what’s going on, and if there’s a connection between any of the things. Other than putting us firmly into a delivery bracket.

You know – when you just want some milk but have to buy a load of toothbrush bits to make it happen…