Nov 7, 2019: Candle

We didn’t go to games night tonight.

One bit of sickness in our merry band of five and we all took the opportunity to jump ship and stay home. I’d like to point out, however, when I felt like crap I soldiered on and still went to games night.

We still played though. We busted out game 9 of Charterstone which, naturally, I didn’t win because of reasons. Carole was victorious but did piss off the Forever King in the process resulting in an interesting turn of events which might make a teensy bit of difference to the end game points but won’t really help me that much. I’m going to lose. I’m very much resigned to that fact. It’s just by how much, now.

The last three games are some sort of saving face damage control exercise.

I’d like to win a game, though. Outright. We’ve tied once and I’ve consistently lost all the others. And even this far into it all, the mysteries of why I don’t copy Carole remain unsolved. I could turn her points conversion bullshit into my points conversion bullshit. I could be all sorts of crafty.

And yet I don’t.

We’re planning on recharging everything and playing again though, as well as taking it to play with the others.

I will have my time to shine.

I just must.