Nov 9, 2019: Table

Two lovely Polish guys delivered our sexy new gaming table this morning which means two things.

1) lots more gaming

2) post-Brexit no-one will receive any gaming tables as the Poles will be chased out of the country and any British folk will be too lazy to deliver furniture at 8am on a Saturday morning.

It’s a sexy table though. By jimminy it’s sexy. With a sexy baize inlay and a perspex sheet (with free suction cup to remove it. I’m not sure what the perspex is for entirely – maybe D&D stuff so you could lay a map or mapping sheet underneath – but I like it all the same.

We christened the table with Charterstone, because of course we did. We wanted to do it so we could lay everything out in the table and it’s just beautiful. It’s such a nice way to play and we didnt have to balance anything on top of a washbasket.

Sadly, though, the table has not improved my skills. I still lost and, to add insult to injury, wasted five turns at the end of the game doing entirely the wrong thing which, while it didnt mean the difference between winning and losing (that ship sailed much earlier) did cost me points.

Two more games left, though.

We’ll probably play them both tomorrow and bid a sad farewell to our town (although we’ll still play standalone) until we find a new copy going cheap to play again with the Thursday night posse. And maybe another copy for us.

But we’re already excitedly looking for what’ll be next in the table…