Nov 10, 2019: Finale

Well, that’s it.

We’ve completed the campaign in Charterstone. Everything is done. The Forever King lives on, and our story is complete.

We’re absolutely playing again, though. Not just the stand alone play-to-win unique village we’ve created – that’s a given – but the campaign. Our ending was the bad one, and we’d had so many bad outcomes throughout playing that we definitely need another crack at it to see if we can do any better and see how the game plays out next time.

And then again after that.

And so on and so on.

Not to mention Thursday night game group. Because we need to see how good it is with five of us going at it.

Obviously I lost. Dramatically.

And I’m sure I will again. Every time we play it. And definitely when it’s five of us, and three aren’t familiar with the game!

But it’s been great. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I have screwed up so much this weekend. Not that it cost me the win, but still I royally screwed up some stuff in these last two games.

Still, it was a great christening for the table. It’s sitting empty now. It needs something in it.

What shall we play next?