Nov 14, 2019: Win

Once more, circumstance conspires against us and we cannot muster the troops for games night. We toy, albeit incredibly briefly, with still going and – shudder – mingling with the other nerds.

But it’s cold and wet, and we have a sexy table we should be using.

We took it for a spin with a game of Lords Of Waterdeep which is probably one of my favourites. It’s basically worker placement and resource management, like Charterstone, but I’m good at this one.

I won. Big style.

I scored some ridiculously high scoring quests, and managed to manage my resources into a stack of points at the end which leapt me up the scoreboard.

It’s a blip, obviously. Because me winning is not a thing that normally happens. At all. With anything. But there we go. Carole didn’t even get herself one of her patented game-breaking points for everytime I touch the table cards this time round, which was unusual!

We’ve branched out as well, tonight, ordering ourselves an escape room experience in jigsaw form. It sounds intriguing. Whether it will be, or not, remains to be seen.

But hey, when you’ve got a table you can protect things from cats in, what else is there to do than everything you can think of.

For research purposes, obviously.