Nov 15, 2019: Pieces

We’re definitely getting our money’s worth out of this gaming table.

After last night’s Waterdeep, we’ve embarked on a new adventure encompassing escape room puzzles and hand-eye coordination.

We’re doing an escape room jigsaw. We have no idea how it works, all we know is we build the jigsaw and it contains puzzles to solve. We solve them and “escape” as it were.

We might be a while.

It took us an hour to sort out the edges. And sorting out is probably a generous appraisal, given that we have two edges that don’t appear to have a home but definitely should do.

It’s all browns, greys and beiges at the moment, edge-wise, and its a tricky beast. We’re going to embark on the centre of the puzzle next but we don’t know what we’re aiming for because it’s not the picture on the box, but some of it is…

Not that that has helped with the pesky rogue edges. We’ve both looked at the lid. We’ve both looked at the edge in question. We’ve double checked our workings, with a torch to definitely make sure of piece to piece matching.

And yet here we are, one side longer than the other and two pieces spare but not spare just refusing to conform.

And there are loads of numbers all over it. Loads. They don’t make any sense. Yet.

On to the next bits…