Nov 24, 2019: Assemble

I’m not saying that we’re really embracing the rock and roll lifestyle to which we have been accustomed but, bloody hell, we had a good time with that chuffing jigsaw tonight.

I realise I couldn’t sound older, but sod it. We were on fire. And, if we’re honest, we only stopped because Peppa wanted to come in and we don’t want her inside the gaming table, ever, at all. Not to mention, cats are not friends to carefully constructed jigsaw pieces.

We spent a while, though, concerned that we didn’t seem to have a lot of space inside the actual jigsaw to put all the elements. We had a lot of constructed bits, all spaced out how we thought they should go. And no room to move around, really. Not much space between them, but still a lot of pieces to go.

Oh… wait… turns out they all fit together and it only takes up half the space we thought.

I mean, that was a victory. Things are coming together. Nothing is making any sense, still, with regards to the escape room part of it all, but it’s definitely coming together.

And those edge pieces that have been taunting us – well, mainly me – for the last week or so… they’re in as well. Turns out they didn’t fit anywhere because we’d assembled the two pieces the wrong way round. Put them the other way and it becomes hugely obvious where they could fit.


We were on fire.

Carole’s already looking forward to her next one.

This table has changed us – not only has it encouraged us to increase our board gaming, we’ve also become raving jigsaw addicts.

We’ve even got a couple of Christmas ones to put us in the holiday spirit. And to take it to the next level, the picture on the box isn’t what the jigsaw is. You’re building what the people in the picture on the box can see from their point of view.

Because we’re obviously ready for this.

Bring it on.