Nov 25, 2019: Mmmph

I think, and brace yourselves guys I’m doing politics, that the Brexit party really do wantbyo take our country back.

Not back under our own control, although it would be good to make it through a few years without another election (we can’t have another referendum on Brexit because the people have spoken, but we can have two or three elections in the mean time because reasons) but back in time.

And I don’t just mean because they’re all racist bigots who think women should be at home and reruns of Alf Garnet shoud be on the TV all the time.

I mean because they’re using a van with a loud hailer on the top.

I didn’t even realise they were a thing. I mean, I’ve creatively destroyed them before in games like Just Cause, and I do remember them from my childhood, although that’s mainly a Yorkshire Water van driving round telling us the water would be off a bit. I remember rag and bone men as well, I bet the Brexit lot will bring them back.

But vans with speakers.

Bugger me.

I only know it was a Brexit Party van because I looked out of the window at work and saw it being driven by someone who absolutely looked like they should be driving a white van, which they were. Very much the fleet vehicle of your Brexit supporters.

As for what it was saying, no idea. It said three things at it passed work. People looked at. I looked at it. I don’t think any of us know what was happening.

It drove off leaving me under the impression that Peppermint Patty and Marcie had been upto something in class.

Probably not the intended outcome.

But it’s nice to think of them wasting money on it.