Nov 27, 2019: Mandela

When I’m not looking at questions and reviews of windchimes which, let’s face it, is something I am spending a lot of time doing at the moment I am enjoying the idiocy of unexplained videos on the internet.

It’s something I’ve always done, but it had become more of a guilty pleasure recently as they are just getting more and more ridiculous and/or pathetic.

I mean, I really enjoyed one I saw a few weeks ago in which a couple of women who hunted for ghosts and such like found a dark shadow in a graveyard which chased them (off camera, obvs) and pushed one of them over in the slowest and most careful fall to the ground ever caught on film. What I particularly liked about the shadow entity was the fact that it was clearly a piece of wood painted black and cut into the approximate shape of a standing human, which was then propped up against a wall.

There were a couple of giveaways to this – one was the fact that the black was, you know, obviously some kind of matt black paint and the other, probably my favourite, was that this “shadow creature” (which is, by definition, a creature made of shadow) cast a shadow.

Come on people…

But more recently I’ve stumbled across a channel which pops up in my feed every now and again called Top Scary or somesuch. They post videos that are “strange” and “scary”. But mostly they post videos about the Mandela effect.

Basically, if you’re not familiar, the Mandela effect is when a bunch of people who use the internet can’t remember something properly and because they’re on the internet they must be right, so clearly we’re all living in a computer simulation and it’s gone wrong and changed history. Or some time-travel horseshit. It’s name comes from people thinking Nelson Mandela was already dead before he was actually dead. Because clearly they remember a different history, like Al in Quantum Leap.

This channel finds Mandela effects as often as I find grey hairs. Which is to say a lot.

They’re always doing it.

Here are five new Mandela effects. People remembered a level of a video game wrongly, clearly time travel. People don’t know a long river, clearly the world has changed around them.

To emphasise it, though, the narrator of the video will ask a question, and leave you a choice between the correct answer and the one you’re supposed to think is right because then your mind will be blown and you’ll think we’re in the Matrix.

And then he says, “Now, though, it’s….”

As though everything has shifted.

And what it basically is, if you look into it enough, is idiots and people who quote things wrong, or mishear things which sound similar to other things and… honestly, for the love of fudge do you think if there was some great sweeping change rippling through the timeline it would be busy farting about with changing the name of Sex And The City or the “I am your father” quote from Star Wars.

The answer is no.

For now.

Although, obviously, based on the evidence filling the internet, that could change.