Dec 1, 2019: Christmas

Christmas has descended upon our house, crapped out a shed-ton of baubles and moved on to find another victim.

We’ve had a very Christmas-centric kind of day today, starting with a run over to The Escaporium in Halifax to take on their Christmas themed room.

Which was really, really good.

A drunk elf has hidden all the other elves’ Christmas tips in 25 boxes around the room and it’s up to you to work your way through this puzzle-filled advent calendar collecting all the tips and posting them back for the elves to enjoy.

It’s a room that’s not designed to be completed – it’s over-stuffed with stuff to do so that you’re constantly on the go. You don’t escape, like a traditional room, you just keep going until a few seconds remain and you can let yourself out of the door before Santa arrives.

Apparently, hanging around to see Santa is frowned upon so we left, with a few seconds left on the clock before the big fella returned.

We were making our way through the 23rd of the boxes, sorting out the elves’ tools for return to the workshop, and our time was up.

We are, currently, third on a hotly competitive leaderboard for 2-player teams. We won’t stay there, that’s for sure. But we’re happy with that for now.

And then the rest of the day has involved putting up trees, faffing with lights and making Christmas voice-activated because why they hell not. If Alexa wasn’t designed to illuminate your entire Christmas display while you’re still in bed, then what the hell was she for?

Apart from arguments about what you actually asked her versus what she does.

It’s been a very festive day. We’ve opened advent calendars – both edible and buildable. We’ve decorated. We had a mini Christmas dinner. We’ve worn Christmas jumpers and saved some of the elves money. We’ve listened to Christmas songs.

It’s been good.

Although earlier I sang along, unintentionally, to Mistletoe and Wine.

So my Christmas is ruined.