Dec 5, 2019: Pieces

Thursday night and it’s another abortive game night. From going every week, we’ve found ourselves unable to muster a full quota of people until the week before Christmas. It’s a board game disaster.

But fret not, because Carole and I are the rock and roll type and we have that jigsaw conundrum to unravel.

And unravel we have.

Here is what I would say to the makers of these jigsaws, Ravensburger, “Your instructions are a bit vague…”

Vague they were. We finished the jigsaw. We were told there were eight puzzles within it. We found, I think, six of them without any hints – the others we needed a nudge towards (via their website). So we had eight numbers, which corresponded to eight pieces.

And then what?

Some sort of clue would have helped. It basically gives you a method to find one piece of the puzzle which is what you would need to escape the situation you’re in – we were off our tits on mushrooms – but we only know that by reverse engineering it from the solution.

We could have been scouring it for ages.

We were working on intersecting lines and all sorts of different combinations.

But once you know, it turns out, you know. And it’s so bleedin’ obvious.

We reckon we’ll try another one, for sure, but we’ve got loads of games still to play that we’ve not even touched and a jigsaw-free table to play them on and/or in.

Or we would have. But we almost immediately started another jigsaw. Because we are that rock and roll.

We still have a couple of Christmas jigsaws to go at as well.

Oh well, no games for a while…