Dec 6, 2019: Busted

Sometime earlier than now – I could look it up, but I’m not enough of a nerd to do that – there was short teaser trailer which featured a barn. In that barn was some very localised lightning, and as the camera approached a vaguely familiar musical sting was playing.

The camera enters the barn. The wind is whipping up outside. Something in the barn is covered in a tarp, which is caught by the wind. It lifts. You can see it’s a vehicle of some sort. You get to see the numberplate.

It says Ecto-1.

Now, I liked the Ghostbuster’s reboot back in 2016. I know it’s not cool to say that, in the slightest. But I enjoyed it, and all the in jokes and the fact that it was a tour de force in how bloody funny Chris Hemsworth could be. In fact, I’d put a teensy amount of money on the fact that without Ghostbusters 2016, Thor Ragnarok would have been a much more dreary affair. But someone went, “Hey, Hemsworth can do the funny…” and lo, an MCU masterstroke was born.

But the reboot wasn’t set in the Ghostbusters universe. It was in a different universe where the faces you know didn’t belong to the characters they should have.

Here it’s different. Ecto-1 in a barn is in the original Ghostbusters universe. The universe with giant marshmallow men and demons in fridges. With Stantz, and Zeddemore, and Venkman. And not with Spengler because sadness.

But then, maybe with just a smidgen of Spengler magic because Ecto-1 is in a barn inherited by a single mother who never really knew her father. Her father who has a load of ghost busting shizz just lying around the place.

I mean… it’s got to be, hasn’t it. It makes sense. Everyone else is going to pop up in the movie at some point. And I’ve seen a couple of shots from the film and if there isn’t Spengler genes in those children then I’m beyond baffled.

And also Paul Rudd is in it. And he’s fricking awesome. And he essentially gets to play the role of us – you, me, whoever else goes to see it that happens to be certain age. He gets to educate the kids on the story of Ghostbusters 1. Not 2. Never 2. Dancing slime does not need to be a thing every again.

The teaser trailer is good ‘n’ all. But the real trailer drops on Monday. I’ve only just recovered from the Black Widow trailer. It’s all too much.

If I wasn’t working tomorrow I’d hibernate all weekend just to get to it quicker. Because colour me excited for 2020.

Busting definitely makes me feel good.