Dec 12, 2019: Lurgy

Thursday night wasn’t games night this week, again.

Despite us having a huge increase in the number of games in the house – thanks, in part, to a shipment of Exit: The Game escape room games at work, we’ve spent part of the evening hunched over a Christmas jigsaw, with Carole full of cold and alternating between trying to just bash pieces together and saying, “I have a feeling that this piece will go somewhere…”

And then just reminding me that she’s very ill.

The jigsaw we’re doing at the moment is one of those that is without a picture. It’s a Wasgij. which is jigsaw backwards and basically asks you to construct an image that the people, or things, in the box art are looking at. Or, in some of them, what something will look like in a different time period.

Ours appears to be people of the world delivering presents to Santa and his elves.

We have a lot of faces in a box. Which sounds more sinister than it possibly should do, but Carole has harvested every piece of a face she has come across and popped it in the lid. So we just have lots and lots of eyes staring at us. And lots of happy mouths. But no idea where they go.

I have to say though, this is my favourite of the jigsaws we’ve done to date as it’s got a bit of colour and life to it. It’s a fun picture (presumably) and everything’s bright and cheery. Which makes a change to that Witch’s Kitchen which was mainly grey and green.

I’m slightly worried about how much we’re looking forward to doing the jigsaw, mind. Not that Carole’s up for it much as she’s ill. In case I haven’t mentioned it, or she’s not told everyone, she is ill. She’s ill. My mum, probably, has given her flu. So she’s ill, and she’s grumpy and sometimes you just have to sit with a lemsip and bang bits of a jigsaw together. Which is what she’s doing.

But we can’t do it for too long because she then makes pathetic noises and just sort of shuts down. Even a jigsaw is too high octane for her in her fragile, disease-ridden state.

And, obviously, I don’t want to spend too much time with her anyway, because it’s taken about a week to go from mum to her, and if it takes a week to go from her to me that’s slap bang in the Christmas run up and bollocks to that. If I get ill I’m taking the presents back from under the tree.

Although I do sort of want to add to them because I watched a video about mathematical wrapping and need to find things of different shapes to wrap in mathematically pleasing ways. Everyone’s getting a Toblerone because they seem to be particularly pleasing…

But no-one’s getting ill.

Not me.

No siree.