Dec 13, 2019: Ugh

This blog was, originally, going to be filled with incredulity and disbelief about the result of the election. Mind-boggling incomprehension of how people could vote for the Torys despite the fact that their policies include the erosion of human rights and tax breaks for the rich (and fuck all for the poor), or the fact that they’ve spoken about privatising the NHS on video. Or how we say, as a country, and wondered how America voted in Donald Trump and have more or less done the same thing with, if possible, someone even less likely to make coherent speeches. And a man who hid in a fridge to avoid interviews about actual things that actually mattered.

It’s clear that, essentially, people voted for Brexit. Not because of any Remain or Leave feelings but just because it’s dragged on for so bloody long. That’s what I’ve picked up from my, now very quiet, Facebook feed where everyone banging on about it has been removed to a place where they can shout into the void and I don’t have to scroll past it all. We’re still friends, it’s just you’re all muted.

It’s all done. It’s shit. But we have to watch out for all the other bollocks that’s happening and fight back if needs be.

It was going to be about all that, but then I worked a Friday night in December.

Or Friday evening, I should say. I was done by seven.

I saw a woman being arrested – for her own safety rather than anything criminal – because she was insanely drunk and a danger to herself and others. I saw a woman reacting to the fact – without knowing the details – with outrage at the fact that a van came to take her away but that’s what happens if you start getting bolshy and telling the police to fuck off repeatedly.

And then I saw a woman walking through Sainsbury’s singing about ejaculating.

And then guess which bus she caught?

I mean, obviously it was going to be mine, wasn’t it?

She wasn’t with us long – as in she got off, not died – but she did manage to drop the C-bomnb a few times. Including once in relation to the police arresting the other woman, in which she loudly proclaimed she would rather burn it off that let the police anywhere near her.

All I know is it wasn’t like that in town last Friday night, I blame the government.