Dec 15, 2019: Wasgij

We’re tackling another Christmas jigsaw.

We’ve spent hundreds of pounds on a lovely gaming table for all our lovely board games and all we’ve done is jigsaws. Effectively, I have created a monster. Carole is crazy trains for them and I have to admit I am enjoying them quite a bit as well.

But we must play board games. We must. We just must.

We’re doing the picture-from-the box half of the Wasgij we finished the other day. It’s harder doing a jigsaw off a picture than it is just winging it. I think that’s what I’ve discovered. Before I was happy just building bits and guessing it where it goes, but now I’m checking the location of each individual elf with the reference picture. Because there’s hundreds of the buggers. Everywhere.

And we’ve gone rogue and flown in the face of traditional jigsaw conventions by not doing the edges. Maybe that’s what’s making it harder. But we’re too far down the rabbit hole to change our plans now, we’ve got bits everywhere. To just do the edges we’d need to gather everything else up. And we can’t do that. We have to stay strong and persevere.

But we’re up against it now. It’s only a week until Christmas descends upon us and we have this jigsaw and the other Christmas Wasgij to do (both sides) so that we can play lovely board games in the table and impress Daniel when he inevitably comes to visit, eat all our food and beat us at every game we own (even the ones he’s never played before).

Or just for Carole to beat me. Or even my mum, which has happened once and we’ve never let her play anything again because of it.

I’m quite looking forward to being a Christmas loser…