Dec 19, 2019: Lost

It’s been a while, but we were back at games night again.

And it was the special Christmas one with a quiz and actual prizes.

We came somewhere mid-table. Not last, and not in the winner’s enclosure. Just happily in the middle. I’m happy with that. It was, of course, my only non-loss of the night.

In and amongst the quiz we managed a couple of games – one push your luck game which I have played before, suck at and got a points score so terrible that I may as well not have turned up.

The other was a game in which we argued over an animal’s prowess at a series of ridiculous events such as jousting, hurdles, hide and seek and a staring contest. When the hide and seek round came up, I had three animals left – a hippo, an elephant and a wolf. None of them are known for their prowess at hiding. I had a fourth, but it was water-based and the hide and seek venue was – OBVIOUSLY – a stately home, so they were out straight away.

I came last in that, too.

What makes it worse is that we added a sixth to the table. We had six players. Six. So, if anything, statistically I have gotten worse.

I did manage to pretty much score 10 out of 10 on the pop culture round of the quiz, though.

But we didn’t win anything on that. But we also didn’t lose, technically. But we didn’t win anything either. Which is like losing.

My resolution for 2020 is to be better. I am going to win things. I am going to be triumphant at games and then never, ever, ever play them again so that I can be the reigning champion. Carole has a set us a target of playing every game we own at least once next year. Which is a big ask, and even bigger considering we have at least two delivered in a box on a monthly basis. Two more arrived today, in fact.

Next year. Winning. Me. It’s going to happen.