Dec 26, 2019: Mother

We got a couple of board games for Christmas – neither was a surprise, for me at least – because I had to enter them both (including the one Carole got for me) into the preferences of our Board Game Crate account so remove any chance of them being delivered in December’s crate.

We got Azul, which is a lovely wall-tiling game, and Marvel Champions, which is a lovely card game.

They are both excellent fun.

I have not, as yet, beaten Marvel Champions even on the training level. So more practice is required.

Azul, though, got it worse.

We played a couple of games yesterday. We included my mother because it’s better than her sitting on the couch, and it keeps her brain going. She had performed exceptionally well the night before as we played one of the Exit: The Game scenarios, so we thought she’d be ok.

It was a little bit too much for her, as mum can’t concentrate on too many things at once. But we helped her to suss out what she was doing as we went through it. She quickly followed any instructions or suggestions Carole may have given her, most of which were to screw me over. She did that with great aplomb, it has to be said.

To the point that she won.

She bloody won the game.

“Oh have I won, I had no idea. I really didn’t know what was going on at all…”

Oh yeah, whatever. Mother’s a bloody board game hustler, it turns out.

We played another game.

She didn’t do as well this time. There were a lot of forgotten rules and things – an over-eager approach to her wall tiling, for example, but the one thing she really did not forget was how to absolutely stitch up her little boy by taking the tiles he wanted, or leaving him a duff selection to pick from.

“Oh, have I done that dear?”

She acts all sweet and innocent, and brandishes her “visually impared” lanyard. But she’s ruthless. Bloody ruthless.

We played games again tonight – Daniel came to visit (eventually, having proclaimed his freedom for gaming from 2pm but not actually turning up until about 6pm due to Carole’s parent’s skills at yabbering on. Mother did not join in. She sat it out and passed judgement from the couch, in between bouts of just dropping off but not dropping off if anyone asked her.

We didn’t play Azul.

I’m fairly sure she’d have been completely alert if we had!