Dec 27, 2019: Time

I’ve been back at work today. Saturday service buses, so everything’s grand. Carole and my mum leave before me to go for a walk around Nostel Priory.

And so begins my comedy of errors. Or something like that.

I get to the bus stop. A bus should be due in around ten minutes. The high-tech digital display board, however, says 30 minutes. I look at the paper timetable, I can’t even get that to fit with what’s on the digital board.

And lo, I make my first mistake.

I trusted the digital display, like some kind of computer-age fool. I trusted that a device connected to the network of buses by radio signals and magic was right.

Flipping rookie error.

It was not correct.

But I believed it, without checking my other sources. And so I set off to the other – more expensive – bus route. Halfway there, the bus I should be on turned up at the other stop.


Then I was betwixt two stops. The expensive buses, according to the text service, had no due times – just their timetable times.

Oh wait, the text service.

How did I not do that?

Instead I’m between two bus stops like someone forced to choose between a favourite parent or whatever. Torn. But also needing to get to work.

I did the text service for the stop I was at originally. Buses up the whazzoo. Every ten minutes. Less, in some places.

I’m just too trusting of technology, it appears.

This is how Skynet manages to take over…